Reporting on Human Rights, Conflict and Post-Conflict Nations


Amy worked as a producer at NPR in Washington, DC for three years. She then moved to South Africa and worked as a foreign correspondent covering Africa. Amy received an Emmy nomination for her reporting on the genocide in Darfur. More


Amy has worked as an independent consultant and trainer for one of America’s leading daily newspapers. She was hired to help the paper’s news and online staff to improve the quality of the audio it produces for the paper’s website. More


Amy is an experienced public speaker. She was invited to address senior-level US military leaders about the ongoing genocide in Darfur at the National War College in Washington, DC. Amy was also a featured speaker at a symposium on Gender and War at Central Connecticut State University.

She gave the annual Sower's Seed lecture at Trinity College in Washington, DC. The lecture series recognizes alums who have put their commitment to social justice into action. More

Samples of Work

Darfur, Sudan

Sudan: The Quick and the Terrible

24 minutes

Amy visits Darfur, Sudan to investigate allegations of genocide in this Emmy nominated story, which was broadcast on PBS's, FRONTLINE/World.

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The Play Pump: Turning Water Into Child's Play

7 minutes

Amy reports on the PlayPump, a child-powered merry-go-round that provides clean drinking water to communities in Africa. The story originally aired as a Rough Cut video online but after an overwhelming interest from Web viewers FRONTLINE/World decided to broadcast this story on television.

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Sierra Leone: UN Peacekeepers & Sex Abuse

PRI's The World
7 minutes

Amy investigates sex abuse among UN peacekeepers in Sierra Leone. In Part One, Amy spends time with girls who were sexually abused in war and who say they were later solicited by UN peacekeepers.

In Part Two, Amy uses hidden microphones, and sources within the peacekeeping force, to uncover the extent of prostitution on the streets of Freetown.

Education in Emergencies and Post-Conflict Nations

30 minutes

Moderator Amy Costello talks with Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, and former child soldier turned New York Times best-selling author Ishmael Beah, about the challenges of educating children in conflict zones and post-crisis nations.

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CHAD/SUDAN: A Question of Genocide


The central African nation of Sudan has 50,000 fewer people now than it had about 18 months ago. Attacking planes and marauding militia have killed them all. The ethnic Arab nomads, known as Janjaweed, target black farmers, killing the men, raping the women, burning crops and ransacking modest homes.


South Africa: Abuzz about Oscars


This Sunday, a South African film called Tsotsi will compete for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards. It's the second year in a row that a South African movie has been nominated in the category.