Reporting on Human Rights, Conflict and Post-Conflict Nations

PBS’s Frontline/World

Amy has worked as both a television correspondent and online writer for FRONTLINE/World.

Her first Web Dispatch was reported from the Chad desert; home to tens of thousands of Sudanese refugees who fled there to escape the ongoing massacre in neighboring Darfur. Amy’s story “A Question of Genocide” includes an eye-witness account of deteriorating conditions at the border along with photographs of some of Darfur’s youngest survivors.

Later, when the Sudanese government lifted its ban on journalists, Amy traveled for three weeks into Darfur on assignment for FRONTLINE/World. Her story, “Sudan: The Quick and the Terrible” was broadcast on PBS and nominated for an Emmy Award in 2006.

Amy also reported on the lighter side of life in Africa for FRONTLINE/World. Her story on The PlayPump, an invention that provides kids with a place to play and clean drinking water for African villages, was one of FRONTLINE/World’s most popular stories.

Samples of Work

Sudan: The Quick and the Terrible


24 minutes

Amy visits Darfur, Sudan to investigate allegations of genocide in this Emmy nominated story, which was broadcast on PBS’s, FRONTLINE/World.

Read & Watch

The Play Pump: Turning Water Into Child’s Play


7 minutes

Amy reports on the PlayPump, a child-powered merry-go-round that provides clean drinking water to communities in Africa. The story originally aired as a Rough Cut video online but after an overwhelming interest from Web viewers FRONTLINE/World decided to broadcast this story on television.