Reporting on Human Rights, Conflict and Post-Conflict Nations

BBC and PRI’s The World

After working as a producer at NPR for three years, Amy moved to South Africa where she was the Africa Correspondent for PRI’s The World. She traveled around the continent, reporting stories from more than 14 nations, covering everything from conflicts to food crises, presidential elections to Islamic fundamentalism in East Africa. In Sierra Leone, Amy investigated allegations of sex abuse by United Nations peacekeepers using hidden microphones and sources within the UN force.

Samples of Work

Sierra Leone: UN Peacekeepers & Sex Abuse

PRI’s The World

7 minutes

Amy investigates sex abuse among UN peacekeepers in Sierra Leone. In Part One, Amy spends time with girls who were sexually abused in war and who say they were later solicited by UN peacekeepers.

In Part Two, Amy uses hidden microphones, and sources within the peacekeeping force, to uncover the extent of prostitution on the streets of Freetown.